5 ways to practice self-care in 5 minutes or less.

Motherhood is busy, yet it’s us moms who need to slow down + take care of ourselves more than anyone. I use to feel like I had no time to devote to my own well being. I have three kids – someone always needs me. Then I realized that I can’t take care of them to the best of my ability if I’m not taking care of myself. You’ve heard “put on your oxygen mask before helping those around you” right? That means you need to take care of you, Mom. 

But, I get it. It’s hard to pee alone some days. How can you possibly practice self-care? 

Here are 5 easy ways to start taking care of you when you only have a few moments to spare!

1. Insight Timer app. I must give credit to my husband on this one. It’s a meditation app. The best part – you can find several options for 5 minutes OR LESS!

2. Find a creative outlet. I’ve recently started doing brush lettering + calligraphy. I personally find it relaxing. I may not be able to make the most beautiful work in 5 minutes, but I can doodle for a few minutes + it usually leaves me feeling better.

3. Put on real clothes. This is for you, my fellow stay at home moms to little ones. I see you – in the same clothes or pajamas you wore yesterday. I’ve been you. I am you! There is no shame in having lazy days, but if you’re feeling – blah – go put on an outfit that makes you feel good. If you’re feeling really crazy throw on some make up while you are at it. 

4. Exercise. Okay, this one may take more than 5 minutes, but you don’t have to kill yourself at the gym to get moving + start feeling better. Go for a walk. Find a quick video online. If you really only have 5 minutes, put on some music + have a dance party (the kids will love that one too!).

5. Use the internet in a positive way. I almost hesitate to put this on here because it’s so easy to get sucked into social media + mindlessly using our phones, but I do think it can be done effectively. Set a timer so you don’t get dragged in too deep. Connect with a friend, read a favorite blog, or even spend 5 minutes reading positive and uplifting quotes.

I hope these tips help or spark your desire to find your own ways to take care of your physical + emotional wellbeing. You deserve it.